Building workforces for the future.

About Quintessential…

Since 2013, Quintessential Consulting Pty Ltd has been helping business leaders make more informed, and effective decisions through the foundations of Systems Thinking methodology. We create organisational resilience and future-proofing their workforce to the increasing uncertainties of today’s complex environment, and we have a proven track record in delivering outcomes to Defence, Government and the Private sector, in building Sovereign Australian Industry Capability.

The diversity of thinking is our strength. We are subject matter experts in our respective domains, offering these benefits to businesses by bringing a diverse range of contemporary thinking and new approaches, helping to navigate the unknowns of the future. We work with you to upskill and empower your people to become more self-reliant, resilient and autonomous so that your business becomes more sustainable, open to future opportunities and growth, and more cost effective.

When you can see things differently, new behaviours and practices can be created, which opens up new and novel possibilities. Our ability to accomplish this will enable you to attain a competitive advantage and stay ahead of the game.

Advantages in working with us include:

  • Working in partnership so that you retain ownership of the solution
  • Transfer of knowledge and skills to ensure continuity of the improvements upon completion
  • Separation of the ‘strategic’ and ‘operational’ to help you optimise ‘on-the-business’ whilst working ‘in-the-business’

As a boutique consultancy, we offer:

  • Personalised services based on your specific needs
  • Bespoke solutions, not generic templates
  • Expert consultant with lived experience and working knowledge of the sector

Our approach is based on empowering your people to make better and more informed decisions because knowing HOW to think will empower you far beyond knowing WHAT to think.

About Patrick

As an Aerospace Engineer, Patrick has gained a diverse breadth of experience having worked across the globe in a range of complex multi-national projects, creating an eclectic group of wonderful friends and colleagues in the process. With a desire to return the investment of his lived experiences and knowledge back into the businesses community, Patrick established Quintessential to focus on empowering people and working with them to build resilience to the uncertainty and rapid changes in our world.

Patrick and his team has a proven track record in delivering strategic change, business growth and reform outcomes for Defence, Federal & State Government and Local Councils. More recently, the Quintessential team has been helping with the development of First Nations ‘on-country’ initiatives involving community resilience, environmental sustainability and business growth.

Patrick has over 25 years of experience as an Executive Coach, Consultant & Corporate Educator, specialising in Systems Thinking approach. He utilises practical techniques to enable leaders, managers and team members to unlock their potential through a mind-set shift, which makes it possible to operate effectively in the grey space of decision-making. By disrupting conventional patterns of thinking, Patrick helps his clients to see and act in different ways, revealing new possibilities that are otherwise unavailable in the status quo.

Patrick is a Sessional Academic, Corporate Educator and an Executive Coach at the QUT Graduate School of Business. He is also a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and holds Non-Executive Director and Chairman roles for several Not-For-Profit organisations.

  • Strategic Business Advice

    • Governance & Assurance
    • Strategy Development & Implementation
  • Change & Transformation

    • Business Improvement
    • Organisational Analysis
  • Workforce Development

    • Executive Coaching
    • Professionalisation
  • Small-Medium Business Growth

    • Business Maturity
    • ISO Certification support

Defence Specialists

The ability to plan for the future is more challenging than ever.

As leaders and decision makers, we are less able to rely on the past for our thinking, as the road ahead is unknown.

This requires us to think differently, to look beyond traditional perspectives, to forge and create new pathways forward.

Patrick and his Quintessential Consulting team leverage their blend of technical knowledge, people and organisational systems, working in strategic capacity to build future workforces and create strategic change, resulting in a modernisation of the Australian Defence Forces.

Patrick and his team are highly experienced, autonomous and independent consultants. We work with a wide range of clients including Defence, Industry, Federal/State & Local Government and Small to Medium Businesses, focusing on their workforce to help them upskill, build capability and become resilient to the challenges of the future.

Other Industry Specialties

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