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Navigating our complex world

About us

“I work with you to implement new approaches and reveal opportunities that could otherwise not be discovered.”

Patrick Albina is the Founder & Director of Quintessential Consulting Pty Ltd. With over 25 years of experience, Patrick established Quintessential back in 2013 to help decision makers navigate today’s complex world and make more effective decisions as organisational leaders and managers.

Patrick and his team of highly experienced consultants work together with their client’s workforce to enable to become more agile, more adaptable. The result is that these organisations find themselves less reliant on the old ways and open to new possibilities and sustainable ways of working.

At Quintessential, we have a unique skill set covering Defence, Project Management, Strategy, Engineering Learning & Development and Psychology, layered the latest thinking in contemporary systems thinking, management and leadership practices and techniques.

“At Quintessential, we believe that when we can see things differently, we can behave differently, becoming more informed, and open to new possibilities. This creates resilient workforces, stronger organisations, and greater levels of agility to take us confidently into the future.”

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