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October 14, 2017 BY PATRICK ALBINA

Designing without a Blueprint – Building Innovation Teams

Background Designing a fully integrated military telecommunications network is a highly complex undertaking, particularly when there is no established precedent or detailed blueprint. Does this sound like a job for a HPT…absolutely? But ‘high performing’ in what…innovation. Innovation is the …

October 14, 2017 BY PATRICK ALBINA

How understanding Mayonnaise & B747s can redefine approaches to Productivity

Introduction What would you think if I told you that understanding the difference between mayonnaise and a B747 is able to improve your approach to productivity? Your first response might be on the lines of “…what do mayonnaise and a …

September 10, 2017 BY PATRICK ALBINA

Emotional Equations for Engineers

When it comes to soft skills, engineers often get a poor rap as we are judged through a stereotypical lens of being a geeky and introverted bunch. Apparently, we also love to lock ourselves away in a room to work …