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Evaluation | Business Improvement | Change & Transformation

We are in times of constant change, with a fluid and dynamic workplace. Quintessential works with you to build organisational resilience and equip your workforce to deal with the uncertainties of the future.

We do this by building upon your existing strengths and iteratively enhancing your existing practices to be adaptable and responsive to the changes around us.

The outcome is a business that is able to scan, identify and adapt to the changes as part of their business-as-usual practices and routines.


Understanding your current state is vital in determining the pathway forward.

Having specific clarity on your business, data, and management environment provides a strong start to determining your business needs. Additionally, not only do we need to find the gaps to address, but more importantly we identify and leverage your strengths as this will form the foundation to build your future.

Quintessential will conduct an evaluation of your current business to clearly define your pain points, areas of greatest opportunities and the associated risks.

This process ensures that assumptions are validated, and that your strategy moving forward is achievable.

Business Improvement

Our approach to business improvement is simple:

  • Iterative changes
  • Celebrate small wins
  • Build momentum
  • Implement into business-as-usual

Our world is changing constantly, so we are having to conduct business improvement as a normal part of our work routine.

Quintessential will help you to do this as part of your business-as-usual so that it has minimal impact on your operational priorities whilst progressively changing the behaviours to ensure lasting effect.

Change & Transformation

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one most adaptable to change” Charles Darwin

Change is inevitable, and often it is not easy.

Quintessential helps you to navigate change through creating resilience in times of uncertainty and the ability to be adaptable to the environment.

By applying our coaching philosophy, we adopt a ‘power with‘ rather than ‘power over‘ approach, which means that your transformation comes from within your team rather than from an executive order from above.

Whether small changes are required, or a redesign of the organisation is needed, the outcome is that change is embraced. This means that the business transforms to a new, resilient state for the long term.

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