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Guiding you through the twists and turns in an uncertain and frenetic environment, while keeping a clear head.

Projects work optimally when the situation is under control.  In today’s highly dynamic environment, this is rarely the case.  Projects are unpredictable, stakeholders are never in full alignment and the changing landscape cannot be controlled as teams struggle to adapt.  Consequently, a range of complex problems emerge that appear to be unresolvable.


Good people commonly experience frustration in the project environment.  No matter how hard they try to control the situation, no matter how many rules, procedures, processes, tools and structures they impose, and no matter how many plans they draw up, things still do not happen as intended.

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Welcome to VUCA – Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous.

In today’s world, ill-defined problems are the norm and things change at breakneck speeds. By building your skills and equipping your teams to deal with VUCA environment, you can avoid the inevitable failures. I offer new approaches and frameworks where conventional methodology alone is insufficient.

If we can think differently, we can act differently and achieve results in more effective ways.

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  • I recently worked closely with Patrick during the development and delivery of the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) funded Australia Awards Fellowship Program entitled, ‘Responding to Skilled Worker Demand: Improving Quality, Leadership and Management of TVET’ in Vietnam. Throughout the delivery of this Fellowship Program Patrick was responsible for facilitating training activities in the areas of transformational leadership, personal leadership, leading teams, project management and change management. Patrick did an outstanding job in this position demonstrating his agility in effectively and efficiently responding to emerging challenges as well as contextualizing training content to meet the needs of his audience, in this case senior leaders from Vietnam’s Ministry of Construction.


    International Development Office of Queensland University of Technology

  • I have known Pat for approximately 15 years, initially meeting when working
    at Boeing, then moving to Eurocopter and staying in contact ever since. I
    have found Pat to be one of those rare individuals who uses a personal
    touch to achieve technical outcomes. Pat’s strengths lay in his broad
    technical background and experience, coupled with genuine empathy and
    ability to develop high-performing teams.


    Aberdeen Customer Support Director and Site Manager at Airbus Helicopters

  • Patrick Albina is a highly intelligent, insightful professional who has the rare ability to balance a high level of technical capacity with a sophisticated approach to dealing with people at all levels. And because of this powerful dual perspective, Patrick has outstanding influencing and engagement skills.


    Thought Leader | Consultant | Author

  • Working with Patrick Albina on the AIR9000 Ph8 bid was a truly positive experience. Pat’s attention to detail assured the highest quality material was prepared and submitted. His enthusiasm and vigour for the product being offered never waned, along with his determination to ensure all customer requirements were fully satisfied. I wholly recommend Patrick to any organisation looking to engage a dedicated, self-motivated and highly personable team-player.


    Senior Consultant at Projects Assured

  • Patrick Albina is a highly motivated, intelligent professional with keen skills of insight and perspective that are required to be effective in managing organisational complexity. He has the capacity to embrace the technical aspects as well as the people and relational issues which makes him excellent in his influencing and sense making skills to understand and make long term effective change in organisations.


    Specialist Educator and Advisor

  • Since mid 2014, Patrick’s coaching has helped me define and develop a values based approach to my career. We consistently meet to discuss my progress and I receive objective feedback from Patrick that I put into our action before our next meeting. This action and feedback loop is the most powerful and effective professional development work I have done to date. For anyone looking to accelerate their career, I highly recommend contacting Patrick.


    Senior Investment Manager at Q Investment Partners