Building your Defence Readiness.

Getting business ready to work with Defence

If you’re a small to medium business owner who aspires to do business with Defence, attempting to navigate the complexity of the Defence environment may leave you feeling confused and overwhelmed. Even if you’ve attended the available workshops, seminars and training on how to engage with Defence, as a business owner you may still feel confused and hesitant to invest in the process. You may even have more questions than answers!

It’s easy to see why many businesses do not pursue the benefits of working in the Defence sector. It’s an opportunity that goes in the ‘too hard basket’, despite the potential return on investment.

Quintessential supports small to medium businesses that want to work with Defence

We can help you to:

  • Identify opportunities in Defence
  • Build your business capability to confidently enter the Defence sector, and
  • Provide ongoing support for continued growth and resilience.

We are an affiliate partner with SAI Global and can provide a range of support for AS/ISO certification implementation for businesses.

Our SME support service is based on a tailored version of the following process:

Step 1 | Evaluation

Getting to know you and your business to understand your current position

  • Understand business aspirations for growth into the Defence sector

  • Understand requirements specific to business and operational needs for doing business with Defence

  • Stakeholder consultation (internal) for gathering operational needs and requirements

  • Develop the design to define:

    • Opportunities
    • Development needs
    • Growth aspirations within current sector
    • Expansion plans, including AS/ISO certification

Step 2 | Strategise

Identifying Defence opportunities that are best suited to your business

  • Identify specific target opportunities in the Defence sector best suited to the business

  • Understand and define the growth needs and conduct a gap analysis between:

    • ‘as is’ state
    • ‘to be’ state
  • Draft a growth strategy to define the development needs, including the identification of the steps necessary to gain AS/ISO certification

  • Throughout the process, facilitate introductions to key Defence people, networks, events and B2B connections

  • Constantly monitor ongoing opportunities to engage in the Defence sector

Step 3 | Implement

Implementing strategy to make your business’s Defence aspirations real

  • Implement the changes necessary for the business to undertake Defence work

  • Implement the changes necessary to gain the desired AS/ISO certification

  • Normalise changes into Business-As-Usual (BAU) operational cycle

  • Support the process through coaching and monitoring with Defence specific knowledge and advisory services

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